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Lot's wife considers - Off the Cliff

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Sat Jun 6th, 2015

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07:53 pm - Lot's wife considers
One reason I so much dislike places changing is my belief that the past is geographical: that I can access a certain point in time from the place in which it happened. That's because my memories only take on colour and depth when I'm actually at that place and can see it with my physical eyes, not just the mind's one. Complete memory = past returned. So the new black and orange Loblaws makes me sad because I'll never again be able to access a sunny late afternoon in Sept '03 writing Kaiei there, or a June evening in '08 finishing Going Postal, or a rainy afternoon in October '12 buying beef for beef bourgignon pasta.

The trouble is I was writing Kaiei on the outside patio that's still there. They've taken the chairs and tables away, rot them, but the place still exists. And I was reading Pratchett on the iron bench outside the Christie entrance in the late light of late June, and that bench is also still there. And though I did buy beef on that rainy evening, leaving incandescens alone at home, I don't recall it so much as the real reason I went out, which was to change my PIN at the bank diagonally across the street following a telephone call about a possible compromise.

So maybe the reason I don't like places changing is the cat one: I just don't like change.

ETA: though I have every reason to hate the change to new style and the hoops it makes me jump through, entirely for its own sake
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